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Publish Application for Review

Publishing the Application for Review will copy the applicant's complete proposal to the NUCFAC Grant Review Portal.  Once published, the applicant will be sent an email notifying them that their application has been selected to go before the Review Committee.
Before you publish the application, review the application package below for completeness.
If the application is not complete or needs to be revised by the applicant, select the 'Return to Applicant' action to return the application to the applicant and notify the applicant (via email) that their application requires revisions.  You will be prompted to indicate the reason you are returning the application which will be included in the email to the applicant.
If the application does not meet the grant requirements and you do not want the applicant to revise their application, select the 'Reject' action to reject the application and notify the applicant of their applications ineligibility.  You will be prompted to include the reason you are rejecting the application.