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Applicant Workflow Steps

Basic Information

The application's basic information web-form includes the minimal project identifying information such as the proposal title, grant category and applicant information needed to uniquely identify the application.  All correspondence to the applicant will be sent to the applicant's email address listed here.

Applicant Contact Information

The applicant contact information web-form includes the primary and secondary applicants' full contact information. 

Project Funding / Abstract

The project funding and abstract web-form identifies the funding amount requested and the abstract used to provide a summary of the project.  All funding requires non-Federal matching funds of at least 50% of the total project amount (Federal funding + non-Federal match).

Proposals developed for or submitted by minority or undeserved populations are also identified and explained here.

Project Partners


Identify project partners that will work and assist with the project. The web-form will prompt you for each partners name and contact information as well as a letter of support.  Include a letter of support from each partner describing their project role and contribution to the project.

Partner support letter should be saved as a .pdf document before uploading using the web-form.  Only .pdf files may be uploaded.


Additional Support Letters

If you have additional support letters not included in Project Partners, add them here.  The web-form will prompt your for each supporter's name and contact information and allows for upload of the support letter.

Support letters should be saved as a .pdf file before uploading using the web-form.  Only .pdf files may be uploaded.

Project Narrative

Proposals are required to address each of the criteria listed in the project/proposal narrative template.  Proposals that do not include all the requested information will not score well in the evaluation process.

You can download a blank Proposal Narrative Template (.doc format) from the Forms and Templates section of the Grants Portal.  Your completed Proposal Narrative Template must be saved as a .pdf file for uploading to the Grants Portal.

The Proposal Narrative is not to be more than 10 single spaced pages, excluding items identified in the appendix.  Please make sure each page is numbered.

An automatic disqualification may occur if the proposal does not demonstrate how it has national application / benefits the entire country; does not meet the 1:1 matching requirement, does not apply to urban and community forestry program authorities and/or does not utilize the proposal narrative template format.

The Proposal Template identifies each criteria required to be addressed for your proposal and the related scoring points for each criteria.  The criteria in the Proposal Template are numbered and ordered.

Refer to the Request for Proposal linked to on the Grant Portal home page for complete details.

Budget Narrative / Justification

The budget narrative/justification should provide sufficient details (e.g., personnel, equipment, consultants, supplies, administration, partnership contributions) to reflect costs needed to complete the activities identified in the proposal narrative work plan.

Matching amounts, if listed as in-kind contributions (e.g., personnel time, donated equipment, materials, and matching non-Federal grants), should be based on realistic calculated values. Costs should also provide enough detail to determine if they are reasonable and allowable. The budget should also identify the source of non-Federal resources and the ability to meet matching requirements.

Your completed budget narrative must be saved as a .pdf file for upload to the Grant Portal.  The .pdf document you upload will be included in the Appendix as part of your Project Narrative.  The document you upload will be included in the Appendix as part of your Project Narrative.


Example 2: Budget Narrative Table

NOTE: The Federal dollars requested may not be used to purchase trees, plant materials, food, (equipment, with a cost of $5,000 or greater) or capital improvements to property of any ownership. If one is unsure if the item they are proposing is eligible, please contact the executive staff, Nancy Stremple. This Narrative Budget Table should be cited in the narrative when the applicant is discussing the work to be performed and the cost to execute the specific work activity. Applicant: ABC University Project: Develop and distribute tree care information in Spanish

Budget Narrative Example

1. 300 hours @ $14 per hour = $4,200
2. 100 hours @ $10 per hour = $1,000
3. 500 hours @ $ 6 per hour = $3000

**Printing: 20,000 copies, 8-pages each, 4 colors.

***Distribution: copies will be sent to federal and state urban forestry coordinators and will be available on request to all callers for at least one year from date of completion.

^ Travel for 2 people to present at two conferences.

Make sure a break-down of hours is listed


Additional Proposal Information

You may be asked by the Grant Administrator to provide additional information or documentation directly related to your proposal.  When asked, you may upload the additional supporting documentation here if it does not fall into any of the other upload categories.  Do NOT upload unsolicited information or documentation.

Approve & Submit Application

When you have completed your application, your completed application package is ready for your review and submittal to the Grant Portal.  To review your completed application, click the application-preview.pdf file link under the 'Generate and Review Application' step above.

Upon review of your generated application package, if you identify missing or incorrect information, you may edit your responses to the appropriate sections using the edit function of the workflow steps above.  Once you have reviewed and approve your application package, click the 'Approve & Submit Application' button and your application will be submitted to the Grant Portal.
Upon submittal, you will be able to view your submitted application package and you will receive an email confirmation.

NOTE: Your application is NOT submitted until you successfully click the 'Approve & Submit Application' button and receive an email confirmation. If you do NOT receive and email confirmation within a few minutes, contact us for assistance.  You may need to check your email spam and/or deleted folder if you do not receive the confirmation email in your inbox.